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SellerLion Extension will Send review/feedback request to last 30 days orders.Whether you have 1 product or 1,000, it takes just 1 click to set up your emails—and start racking up the 5-star reviews & feedback.

How to use

It's very simple! Just go to Chrome Extension Store, set up Sellerlion Extension and you’re all set to go on a journey, where Sellerlion will do everything for making your Amazon seller account growing.

From managing your order’s page to searching all your orders, Sellerlion will do it effectively for you. After this, it will request for reviews & feedback for eligible orders (Through Amazon enable request review button in 4-30 days range once the order delivered to the customer). Our effective tool will regularly look for new orders and ineligible orders so that it can automatically ask for reviews & feedback for all your orders.

You can easily check out all requests review & feedback real-time status under the manage order page. As per Amazon guidelines, sellers and 3rd party Feedback/Review Emailing Tool are restricted for contacting customers and this is when Sellerlion comes in your rescue. Through SellerLion, you can easily reach out to your customers for reviews & feedback.

Top Features of Amazon Feedback Tool

Fully Automated to Save Your Time

Put your Amazon seller feedback and product review & feedback requests on auto-pilot in minutes, and start generating more positive reviews & feedback from your orders.

Amazon Review & Feedback Alert

Get Notified on Negative Amazon Feedback & Reviews

Stop wasting time refreshing your screen in Amazon Seller Central for new feedback or constantly checking all of your products for new negative reviews & feedback. SellerLion Extension monitors this for you and can send you or your entire team instant alerts or a daily digest.

More Amazon Seller Feedback Equals More Sales

Rank higher, boost product visibility and win more Buy Box

Your seller rating and feedback score are key metrics used by Amazon to determine who wins the Buy Box. Sellers with consistently stellar customer service and seller ratings can typically win the Buy Box at higher prices and profit margins than competitors with lower feedback scores.

Get More 5 Star Feedback & Reviews

Don't settle for the 1% feedback that the average Amazon seller receives. Our clients have reported an 86% increment in Product reviews & Seller Feedback since they started using Sellerlion Extension.

  •    Win the Boy Box more often
  •    Increase sales
  •    Improve their Amazon brand reputation
1 - is it required to click on Request Review Button for each order?

No, you don’t need to click manually anymore. SellerLion will do it automatically in background.

2 - Can Sellerlion requests review, if my order is still in transit?

No, once your product is delivered, only Amazon can opt for request review in 4-30 days. SellerLion scrutinizes all your orders regularly and requests reviews on time.

3 - Does SellerLion request reviews for refunded orders?

No, the chances of receiving negative comments are more for refunded orders. So, to provide you efficient service, SellerLion cancel the review request for refunded orders.

4 - Where can I see all product reviews?

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate place in Amazon Seller Central to witness all product reviews under one single roof. But SellerLion did a magnificent job for you, now you can see the latest reviews & feedback through product title or ASIN.

5 - Is there any guideline or restriction from Amazon for using Sellerlion for review requests?

No, Amazon allows sellers to use third-party applications to offer their customers outstanding service to their customers. SellerLion follows all the guidelines effectively and this is why it is known to be the best Amazon review tool in the market.

6 - Does it work in background or keep open a amazon tab?

Sellerlion Extension is developed to work in background (dont need human interaction), you dont have to keep open a amazon tab. It will work even you are working on other tabs.

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